Women and Technology

Fashion has never been as involved with technology as it is today.  As fashion labels develop new digital innovations to build their brands, they need technology partners who understand how the costumers see the world. As most of the costumers are women, there certainly aren’t enough women in the technology business. Women should be the creators, not just the consumers, of our increasingly digital future.

Women make up less than 25% of science, technology, engineering and mathematics professionals and only 0,4 percent of female college freshman intend to major in computer science. This certainly is not the best development since 80 percent of jobs in the next decade will require technology skills

For female entrepreneurs who are building their business on connecting with their audience through new technologies, this is a big concern. The lack of females in technology and engineering is already having consequences regarding both the ability to continue to  engage their consumers and also for the future of innovation.

Women need to get more involved in the technology revolution to support women’s preferences and needs. We need women to design technology for women. Otherwise, women won’t be taken into consideration at all.

Studies show that when girls learn what engineers do, 75 percent become interested in the field. So it is crucial that we force more awareness about the possibilities this will unleash.

What do you think?

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Bænastafur – Prayer symbol

Hendrikka Waage has created a beautiful and alluring Prayer symbol necklace in sterling silver. The Prayer symbol is one of the most mysterious and powerful symbols in Norse mythology.

The Prayer symbol is similar to the Helm of Awe, he protects it’s owner but this symbol has an even greater power because the owner will get his wish granted.


Bænastafur r


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Luxury Goods – Old Money vs New Money

For the past 50yrs the luxury goods market has been booming in every continent from Europe, the USA, Japan Russia and now China. This growth has been driven by those with newly created wealth (New Money). As an example, one continually hears of footballers buying a plethora of luxury supercars because they have a need to let everyone know about their new status.

Contrast this to those with Old Money, mainly through inherited wealth, who already have everything they desire and when they buy luxury goods, they buy it for their own enjoyment and don’t feel the need to share it with everyone else.

Usually the New Money people are insecure and feel the need to maintain their new status by filling their wallets, closets and other visible items to show that they are worthy because they have generally started with nothing, or very little, and have a need to show everyone how well they are doing by buying things that others don’t have. A lot of the time, they buy very much more than they need but this is only a way of soothing their insecurities by trying to show how well they are doing now.

The luxury good industry is being expanded by those with new money as new ideas, liberalisation, free trade, higher access to large sums of money; all bring opportunities for economic growth. The smarter, best connected typically benefit from new wealth creation and as they are in the minority, they feel the need to let everyone know about their good fortune and that is what has driven demand for luxury goods.

Picture 108

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Love is in the air!

Hendrikka has created a beautiful and classical “My Love” sterling ring, perfect  for Valentine’s day. The ring is not only a perfect gift  for your lover. It is also a great gift to express your love to the many loves in your life, friends and family.

Spell out your love with this beautiful sterling silver ring by Hendrikka Waage. Wear it as a single statement or combine it with your most loved stackable rings. Available at Hendrikkawaage.co.uk

Valentines-Ring-1 finalValentine´s ring coffee image




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Vegvísir – Direction symbol

Hendrikka Waage has created beautiful and alluring necklace and bracelet which combine the Direction symbol charm in sterling silver, one of the most mysterious and powerful symbols in Norse mythology. A Direction symbol is a Norse magical symbol intended to help the bearer find his/her way through rough weather.

In the modern culture Vegvísir is often called ´See the Way´ or direction sign. This symbol is from the 17th century Icelantic grimoire called Galdrabók (Magic Book). Vegvísir was drawn on one’s forehead with blood to prevent a person from getting lost. The outstanding Icelandic singer and style icon Björk has this symbolic tatto on her left upper arm.

Vegvísir small v2bjork

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Diversity in the fashion industry

It certainly is a fact that throughout the years,  the majority  of the models in the fashion industry have been white. This is something that a lot of people are starting to critique and one of the main reasons is that the people who are buying luxury fashion are more diverse than ever before. At present, the fastest growing luxury markets in the world are the Middle East and Africa.

At the Autumn/Winter 2015 shows, 80 percent of the models were white. Although there are some designers who use a diverse range of models in their shows, like Tom Ford and Riccardo Tisci, they are the exception to the rule.

Same applies to magazine covers and advertising campaigns. In 2014;  611 covers were published by the 44 biggest fashion magazines and only 18 percent of them featured a non-white model.

Many theories have come up regarding why fashion communications don’t reflect the evolution of the diversity today. For example; that it is due to the designer’s philosophy of beauty and other creatives whose “vision” the industry follows.

That it is linked to the lack of diversity in the boardroom, where very few non-whites hold positions. Or that the fashion industry simply reflects the racial bias embedded(fixed) in the aspirations of consumer society at large.

The main question is, what should we do about this?

Style: "Porcelain pastel"

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The Large Helm of Awe

Large Helm of Awe pendant in sterling silver with a 36” sterling silver chain.

It is inspired by one of the most mysterious and powerful symbols in Norse mythology and these pieces are designed by Hendrikka Waage as a result of a request by the National Museum of Iceland. Now an emblem of protection for the wearer, it is timeless in its design, beautiful and alluring.

Available at hendrikkawaage.co.uk

facebook cover



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A glamorous sequin dress.

An exquisite sequin lace dress by Hendrikka Waage is now available at Mathilda in Kringlan. This glamorous laced dress, covered with scores of sequins is perfect for a fancy evening.

 IMG_1270 (2)

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Multi-Coloured Dolls


A selection of fabulous statement necklaces feature a doll hanging down from your neck with its dangly feet, holding a golden clock, wearing a multi coloured dress that sets the tone for a stylish summer. The beautiful hand-made dollies on long chains is a must have for every fashionista for the individual and unique look.

It will be available in various different colours on hendrikkawaage.com



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Lita Cabellut Exhibition

I had a great time at the Opera gallery visiting the Lita Cabellut exhibition and seeing her extraordinary works of art. She truly is one of a kind and an inspiration to me.

Lita Cabellut was born in Barcelona, into a Sinti family and lived on the streets until the age of 13 when she was adopted by a prominent family.

Cabellut lives and works in the Netherlands and develops her very own typical style that is characterised by larger than life-size portraits in a special fresco technique. Through her distinctive work, Lita is among the contemporary masters of portrait art.

Here is a statement she made, which I thought was beautiful;

If my brushes

Were not able to speak

If my feet

Were not able to take a step forward or back

To gain perspective on what I see

If in my head

Confusion and doubt were not reigning

If I don’t cry

I laugh

If I was not dazzled by white

And moved by indigo

What loneliness

What loneliness

I would have with myself

I work in series, so the process of paintings starts with finding the concept.

To sit in a chair and not move until I have the project in mind

I am more than a painter, I am a storyteller.


Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 6.16.06 PM large

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